Investor RelationsIR Policy

Through investor relations (IR) activities, we will provide accurate information on our business performance and future prospects in order to deepen understanding of our company not only among shareholders and investors, but also among customers, local communities, employees, and other stakeholders, and to have them evaluate our corporate value appropriately.

Immediacy and fairness of information

We will post information on our website in accordance with the prescribed disclosure procedures, paying attention to the fairness and immediacy of the information.
In addition to regularly releasing data such as "monthly sales" and "financial results," we will also promptly disclose "other important facts.

Method of Information Disclosure

In accordance with the Timely Disclosure Rules of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, we disclose information through the online information registration system (TDnet) provided by the Exchange. In principle, the information is posted on our website at the same time as the disclosure is made.

Earnings Forecasts

Although we include earnings forecasts in our quarterly earnings announcements, they are subject to uncertainties, including large deviations due to changes in economic and market conditions, unfavorable weather, and other factors. Investors should not rely solely on these forecasts when considering the Company.

About the Silence Period

In order to prevent leaks of financial information and ensure fairness, we observe a "quiet period" from the day following the last day of the fiscal year to the day of announcement of financial results.
During this period, we will refrain from commenting on or answering questions regarding the financial results.
If, during the quiet period, we anticipate that our earnings forecast will deviate significantly from the previously disclosed forecast, we will disclose a revised forecast in accordance with the Timely Disclosure Rules.