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Our Vision : Enhance Global Well-being

Through Sports and Health.

Sport has a magical power to energize people.

At Himaraya, our vision is to "Enhance Global Well-being Through Sports and Health." As a leading sport retailer at the forefront of the industry, we challenge ourselves day and night to create products and services that set us apart from the competition by diligently accumulating small innovations and tireless efforts.

As the different ways people approach and enjoy sports in their daily lives are becoming increasingly diverse, we believe that there is great potential to further expand our business reach. For example, we can grow our business by responding to the diversification of lifestyles, from those who intensely exercise whenever they have a spare moment to those who take leisurely strolls in their favorite attire with family and friends. We can also address those with health and dietary needs by introducing wholesome food and promoting moderate exercise. Because we always keep a close eye on current trends, we are confident that our business can continue to evolve and grow.

Himaraya will continue to provide "overwhelmingly convenient services" without boundaries between online and offline by steadfastly upholding the "customer first" principle, which has been the driving force of Himaraya ever since its foundation. We will further extend our nationwide network of stores and e-commerce operations.

Himaraya will also continue showcasing the benefits of sports for good health and entertainment while pursuing sustainable growth in partnership with all our stakeholders.

Thank you very much for your support.

President and CEO Manabu Oda