Compliance PolicyCompliance Policy

01Basic Compliance

The directors, officers, employees, etc. (contract employees, associate employees, temporary employees, part-timers, etc., hereinafter the same) of the Company and its group companies shall carry out corporate activities based on the following five basic policies for compliance with laws, regulations, and corporate ethics. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") and the directors, officers, employees, etc. of the Company and the Group (including contract employees, temporary employees, part-time employees, and part-time workers) shall conduct corporate activities in accordance with the following five basic policies for compliance with laws and regulations and corporate ethics

  • (1) We will respect contracts and commitments as well as related laws and regulations and internal rules, and conduct corporate activities based on proper business practices and corporate ethics.
  • (2) We respect the fundamental human rights and individuality of all persons involved in our corporate activities, and we promote open communication.
  • (3) We will treat all stakeholders with integrity, maintain fair, just and transparent relationships, and engage in fair trade.
  • (4) We will not engage in any conduct that is contrary to the legitimate interests of the company or that is detrimental to the company's credibility or reputation.
  • (5) Always be aware of being a member of society and act in accordance with the common sense of society based on high ethical standards.

02Obligations and
Responsibilities for
Compliance with the
Code of Conduct

The directors, officers, employees and others of the Company and its group companies have the following obligations and responsibilities to comply with the Code of Business Conduct.

  • (1) We will comply with the provisions of this Code of Business Conduct and execute it faithfully.
    In particular, executives and managers lead by example.
  • (2) Directors and officers shall instruct and supervise employees and others in their departments, and managers shall instruct and supervise employees and others in their workplaces to comply with this Code of Business Conduct.
  • (3) In the event of corporate misconduct or unacceptable problems due to intentional or gross negligence, in violation of laws and regulations or this Code of Business Conduct, to conduct the necessary investigations; and
    • 1. the officer in charge who is responsible shall be strictly punished in accordance with laws and regulations.
    • 2. Strict disciplinary actions will be taken against responsible employees, etc., in accordance with employment regulations, etc.

03Code of conduct

1.Commitment to being a comprehensive sports store that puts the customer first

  • (1) Compliance with laws, regulations, internal rules, etc.
    We will comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and internal rules, and strive to conduct corporate activities in accordance with corporate ethics and with social good sense.
  • (2) We will provide safe, high-quality products that are useful to society at large in a timely manner, based on the principle of customer safety, satisfaction, and trust.
  • (3) Through sports, we will strive to improve the culture of daily life, foster the sound development of young people, and contribute to society.
  • (4) We will always strive to provide superior product knowledge and services.

2.Respect for human rights and individuality

  • (1) Respect for human rights and individuality
    We respect the fundamental human rights of all people, and will not engage in any conduct that offends individual dignity based on nationality, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, social status, disease, disability, or other factors.
  • (2) Prohibition of sexual harassment
    We will not engage in any form of sexual harassment.
  • (3) Creating a comfortable workplace
    We will create a safe, healthy, comfortable and sanitary workplace.

3. Fair Trade

  • (1) Fair, transparent and free trade
    We will conduct business with all customers and business partners on an equal, fair, and transparent basis.
  • (2) Moderate dating
    In principle, we do not entertain or give gifts to customers, suppliers, etc. If we do, we keep it within the scope of social common sense. If we do, we will keep it within the bounds of social common sense.
  • (3) Healthy relationship with politics and government
    We maintain healthy and transparent relationships with politics and government.
  • (4) Fair market competition
    When competing with competitors, we will strive to compete aggressively, effectively, and fairly in the marketplace.
  • (5) Proper accounting treatment
    We will conduct proper accounting procedures in accordance with laws, regulations, and internal rules, and will not engage in any fraudulent acts.

4.Environmentally oriented

  • (1) Resource and environmental conservation
    We will observe environmental laws and regulations and take actions to protect the environment, such as resource conservation, that are familiar to us and adapt to environmental problems and a recycling-oriented society.
  • (2) Efforts to build a recycling-oriented society
    In the development, sale, and disposal of products, we will work to build a recycling-oriented society through recycling activities in cooperation with government and industry organizations.

5.Appropriate management and disclosure of information

  • (1) Proper management of important information, personal information, etc.
    We will establish a management system and rules for personal information and important information obtained in the course of business, manage the information appropriately and strictly, and will not use the information for any purpose other than legitimate purposes.
  • (2) Appropriate disclosure of corporate information
    We will disclose corporate information needed by society in a prompt and appropriate manner, and maintain fair and transparent relationships with stakeholders.
  • (3) Prohibition of insider trading
    We will not use undisclosed material facts about our company, our group, or our business partners obtained in the course of our duties to conduct transactions in the sale or purchase of stocks or other securities.
  • (4) Protection and respect of intellectual property rights
    We actively protect our intellectual property rights.
    We will also respect the intellectual property rights of other companies (parties) and conduct our business in a manner that does not conflict with laws and regulations.

6.Attitude toward antisocial activities and forces

  • (1) Cutting off relations with antisocial forces
    We shall not have any relationship with antisocial forces that threaten the order and safety of civil society or obstruct economic activities. In the event of contact with antisocial forces, we will promptly identify the situation, and the relevant departments will respond appropriately in cooperation with the police.
  • (2) Refusal of illegal or unreasonable demands
    In addition to the provision of money and goods, subscriptions to information magazines and advertisements, we will be mindful of antisocial forces masquerading as ordinary companies and act in accordance with social justice.

7.Distinction between public and private

  • (1) Prohibition of private use of company property
    I will not use company facilities, equipment, loaned goods, money, know-how, etc. for personal use.
  • (2) Prohibition of Conflicts of Interest
    We will not engage in any conduct that is detrimental to the interests of the company based on our position in the company or information obtained in the course of our duties.
  • (3) Prohibition of political and religious activities in the workplace
    We will not engage in political, religious, or other personal activities unrelated to our work in the workplace without the Company's permission.