Investor RelationsIR Calendar

Year 2023

  • Early Oct. 2023FY2023.8 Earnings announcement
  • Aug.31, 2023FY2023.8 Settlement day
  • Early July 2023FY2023.8 3Q Earnings announcement
  • May.31, 2023FY2023.8 3Q Settlement Date
  • Early Apr. 2023FY2023.8 2Q Earnings announcement
  • Feb.28, 2023FY2023.8 2Q Settlement Date
  • Jan.10, 2023FY2023.8 1Q Earnings announcement

Year 2022

  • Nov.30, 2022FY2023.8 1Q Settlement Date
  • Nov.29, 2022Submission of Annual Securities Report
  • Nov.29, 2022Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders
    Venue: Juroku Plaza
  • Sep.27, 2022FY2022.8 Earnings announcement
  • Aug.31, 2022FY2022.8 Settlement day
  • Jun.28, 2022FY2022.8 3Q Earnings announcement
  • May.31, 2022FY2022.8 3Q Settlement Date
  • Mar.29, 2022FY2022.8 2Q Earnings announcement
  • Feb.28, 2022FY2022.8 2Q Settlement Date

Year 2021

  • Dec.28, 2021FY2022.8 1Q Earnings announcement
  • Nov.30, 2021FY2022.8 1Q Settlement Date
  • Nov.26, 2021Submission of Annual Securities Report
  • Nov.26, 2021Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders
    Venue: Juroku Plaza
  • Sep.28, 2021FY2021.8 Earnings announcement
  • Aug.31, 2021FY2021.8 Settlement day
  • Jun.28, 2021FY2021.8 3Q Earnings announcement
  • May.31, 2021FY2021.8 3Q Settlement Date
  • Mar.26, 2021FY2021.8 2Q Earnings announcement
  • Feb.28, 2021FY2021.8 2Q Settlement Date