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We will strive to realize our goal of
"Become the world's greatest sports

In recent years, our world has undergone significant changes due to global warming, emerging environmental issues, and the COVID-19 pandemic. Adapting to these transformations has required bold and flexible thinking to reshape existing structures and formulate new growth strategies.

Building upon our founding philosophy of "Customer First" and our management vision of "Become the world's greatest sports evangelist", we have prioritized creating sales floors that emphasize product diversity and quality, expanding our e-commerce business, and enhancing the knowledge and skills of our personnel so that they can provide satisfaction that exceeds customer expectations.

To effectively respond to current and future societal changes, we are actively striving to create new corporate values through various initiatives aligned with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). By expanding our stores nationwide, improving the convenience of our e-commerce platform, and promoting eco-friendly practices, such as using environmentally conscious materials for packaging, we aim to make the "Sustainable Sporting Life" accessible to more people. This lifestyle promotes physical and mental well-being through sports while contributing to the well-being of our planet. We are dedicated to advocating and developing our business to bring this concept to life.

Through these mission-driven endeavors, we are steadfast in our pursuit of "Become the world's greatest sports evangelist".

Chairman and President Yusaku Komori

Let's do interesting things!
These are the values that we at HIMARAYA have cherished since our founding.

Skiing is an intriguing business.
In 1976, "Ski Pro Shop Gifu HIMARAYA" was born in Gifu City, sparked by the founder's inspiration.
With a mere 8-tsubo of floor space, we embarked on a journey driven by the desire to have fun and do something unique.
That's why we thrive on embracing challenges and exploring uncharted territories.
This spirit of adventure, accompanied by a sense of humor, guides our every undertaking.

As we approach our 50th year of operations, we recognize the profound changes that have occurred in lifestyles and global social issues.

We embrace our individuality while fostering a kinder relationship with both humanity and the environment.
This sentiment of caring for people and the planet is gaining momentum in the world of sports, where top athletes are increasingly using their platforms to address social issues and take courageous actions.
As a company centered around sports, we view this challenging yet fulfilling pursuit as an opportunity.

As a forward-looking company, we at HIMARAYA are committed to evolving and growing alongside the earth and our valued friends while cherishing the scintillating and delightful humor that is synonymous with sports.

Let's embark on an exciting journey together!

Director Kazuki Komori


Become the world's greatest sports evangelist.


Through our distinctive corporate activities, we constantly strive to develop a sports culture that knows no boundaries.

We deeply recognize the role of sports in diversifying lifestyles and are dedicated to providing our customers with optimal products and services while continuously improving our sports related knowledge and skills.


  • 01“I'm glad I came to HIMARAYA!” Let's serve our customers in a way that leaves them thinking, "I'm glad I made the choice to come here!”
  • 02Let's always be honest and acknowledge our limitations.
  • 03Cultivate a passion for your favorite sporting discipline that surpasses all others.
  • 04Our role extends well beyond the selling of products.
  • 05Ensure that our technology and knowledge build upon each other.
  • 06Digital tools are not meant to be relied upon; they are to be skillfully utilized.
  • 07Employees are encouraged to leverage the company to pursue personal aspirations, as long as they are also committed to enhancing the company's growth.
  • 08Remember that you have supportive colleagues who stand behind you and your work.
  • 09Continuously strive to know the products you introduce to our customers.
  • 10Let's be the company with the most extensive knowledge of sports-an accomplishment that (perhaps) no other manufacturer can claim.
  • 11All employees are encouraged to openly express their opinions when they identify opportunities for improvement.
  • 12Let's become a company that makes it easy for everyone to enjoy sports.
  • 13Celebrate and praise the accomplishments of your colleagues.
  • 14Our raison d'etre is bringing smiles to our customers' faces through the products we recommend and the knowledge we have gained! Never forget that.

Sustainability ProjectSustainability Initiatives

We lead our lives with a deep commitment to improving and conserving the global environment.
In doing so, we derive joy from promoting the positive value of sports.
As stewards of the "Sustainable Sporting Lifestyle," we are dedicated to helping create a prosperous society and sustainable global environment.